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upcoming events 2014

Informal showing Premiere "Layers"

Friday, May 30, 2014 at 7:30PM FREE
Brooklyn Zen Center
505 Carroll Street

Between 4th and 3rd Ave. 2nd floor
R train to Union Street


This project is part of Erica Essner Performance Co-Op's Dance Intersection performance/education activities 2014.

This is a relay- based work that relies on call and response, and the multiple layers of emotion and body- language that can come into play when people converse. The project seeks to show how language as described in the body can begin simply and build within a community towards a forceful or neutral end. Cast: Lucie Baker, Courtney Drasner, Sarah Housepian, Julia Jurgilewiscz, Hannah Seidel and Katie Stehura.

Also on the program "Weathered" 2012, evoking atmospheric conditions, a work that turns concepts of slippage, displacement, resistance into a metaphor for the harmony and chaos of life.

June 2-10, 2014
Plovdiv, Bulgaria

EECOP goes to the Black Box International Theatre Festival to premiere a new work "Layers" and Weathered 2012. The company will be presenting our first International Dance Intersection to local Universities as part of our educational performance activities.



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